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Author/ Illustrator Visits
As an author and illustrator team we would love to visit your school.  We have worked with grade levels, entire elementary schools, and preschools.  Our program varies with the different ages and needs of the students.

In school visits, Hank speaks to a wide range of ages, since he has written stories from the picture book level to adult.  His presentations vary by age group. 

For the K thru 2nd graders, Hank reads his book "Marky The Barking Bullfrog."  He engages the students in discussing the character's development and how imagination plays a part in where stories come from.  He talks to the students about the theme of the story, "Being different isn't a bad thing." Hank also brings along his frog collection. 

For the 3rd thru 6th grade students, Hank talks about character development and scene setting in stories. 

By using his picture book, “Marky The Barking Bullfrog,” he explains the concept of the three-act play in terms they can understand.

He also reads from his two middle grade chapter books:  “The River Rats” and "The River Rats - Riddle Me A Mystery."

Finally he talks with the students about how his personal experiences have inspired him to write and how he uses those experiences as a basis for his stories.  Other aspects of discussion range from what do writers eat to how long does it take to write a book.  He answers the student's questions as honestly as is appropriate, showing that writers are people just like them and that some day they can write books that other people will read.  He shows the students how each of them has the background to write a story.


After his 25 minute presentation, Jan shares examples of research, a storyboard, a dummy book and finished illustrations.  She takes the students on a complete book journey.  She presents for 15 to 20 minutes. 



What Kids are saying about
The Racer’s School Visits

“I’m so grateful for you to come and take your time off for me.  I love your books and your drawings and someday I hope I can follow in your path!”  Haley

“Thank you for spending two days with us.  Now I know how to be a better writer and better illustrator.”  Rachael

“Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us illustrating and writing.  All of us loved how you scared everyone when you were trying to get in our heads, Mr. Hank.  I also loved how well you illustrated, Mrs. Jan.  Your books are so great.”   Jordyn

 “You have inspired our class.  You have given me the spirit to be a writer and you also gave me some good tips.  We hope you can come again next week.”  Falon

“Thank you for coming to our school and taking time to teach us wonders of writing tips.  I love all the illustrations and the jucie writing.  I will carry that info for the rest of my life.”  Megan

“When you showed me those books I burst in excitement!  Mr. Racer when you read a couple of pages of “The River Rats” you gave me some great elaborating words I could use in my writing.  Mrs. Racer when you showed me the pictures of “Marky The Barking Bullfrog” you gave me an idea to illustrate a book someday.  You guys gave me an idea to write and illustrate my own book and its called “Gulpy The Gulping Goose.”  Christan

“Thank you for using your time to show us your two books.  I hope that you two can share your next two books because I am racing threw “The River Rats.” You two gave me courage to write and illustrate my own books.”  Reghan

“I love your books.  Thanks for coming to our school.  I hope you come next year.  You should write more books.  What you told us was awesome!  I told my family and friend about your books and you.  Rock on!”  Alaina

“Thank you for coming to our school.  It was really interesting how you think of ideas for a book.  It was also interesting how you illustrate books with paper that is painted and cut.”  Brandon

“Thank you for explaining how to write a book.  I will take that in mind if I want to write a book.  I loved the adventure in “The River Rats”.  I couldn’t take my hands off of it.  It was great.”  Alyson

“Thank you for telling us about your life as an author.  I really enjoyed it and I read one of your books called The River Rats.  My dream is to become an author just like you guys and the book “The River Rats is absolutely my favorite book.”   Your # 1 fan.”  Logan